Slovak WUSHU association

The Constitution of the Wushu Team and Taiji Team members

The following rules apply to Wushu Team and Taiji Team members (in the next lineboth teams are specified under one name – wushu team).

Wushu Team (abbr WT) was founded on the 1st of May 2006.
Its main purpose is to spread skills and knowledge of Wushu for people who are not only good and hardworking athletes of Kung Fu andTaiji School, but who are interested in further development of their skills.
Wushu is an old martial art which includes countless number of forms and styles that are impossible to pass onto to students during regular trainings. Therefore the teacher wants to transfer his knowledge and skills onto selected students and carry on in doing so in a broader extent than the common training allows him to.
At the same time Wushu Team is a way how the Wushu is successfully presented to other people. It therefore requiresfriendly approach,modesty (despite of good results), honesty, unity, and correctitude from all members.
It also gives a chance to present ones gained skills during competitions, shows and demonstrations.

Wushu team members:

  • Only a student of School of Kung fu and Taiji can become Wushu team member.
  • A person interested in the membership shall fill in an application form for Slovak WUSHU Association and pay an annual membership fee, between the 1st and 10th of May, in the value of EUR 20.
  • New team members are enrolled for 3 months’ probation period. During this period the teacher decides whether they can become permanent WT members. At the same time the student alsocan decide whether he/she wants to become WT member.
  • WT member is not allowed to be a member of another school, association or WT.
  • The teacher himself decides which form of training a student will take on.
  • Trainings are intended for WT members only. These are free of charge, except the obligation to pay the rental for the gym.
  • WT member shall come to thetraining on time. Otherwise the teacher or the captain will punish them for being late.
  • Attendance at the trainings is compulsory. In case a student is not able to attend training, he/she is obliged to inform the teacher or captain about this in advance.
  • There is a weekend seminaron annual basis, in September, exclusivelyheld for WT member only. These seminars are free of charge. Food and accommodation is paid for by the members themselves.
  • Wushu team members are representative trainees; they take part in demonstrations, shows and presentations. They cannot refuse their participation.
  • Every year in April, there will be a compulsory exam of WT. The results will determine on further membership in WT. This exam is compulsory for all WT members.

Duties of WT members:

  • To respect the teacher and greet the teacher without being asked for it
  • Friendly approach, unity
  • Positive attitude and approach towards Wushu
  • Modesty (despite of good results)
  • Promote a good reputation of the school
  • WT members must not damage the name of the school or WT with their behavior
  • Cannot create conflicts in the group by blaming other gymnasts or judge the level of their performance
  • It is not allowed to passfurther the form without the teacher´s permission
  • Is not allowed to omit trainings without informing the teacher or captain of this well in advance.
  • Must not be late for training
  • Must not be naughty or defiant towards the teacher

WT Captain:

  • Is elected by WT members for 2 years
  • Can be re-elected again for the next period
  • Helps the teacher with administrative matters
  • Can inform other members about planned undertakings and events
  • Is allowed to punish for late coming at a training
  • Is allowed to take a message from a gymnast about absence at a training
  • In case the teacher is not able to attend the training, the captain takes control of it.
  • In case of dissatisfaction with the captain during his 2 year period, he can be prematurely dismissed by the absolute majority of WT members

Dismissal of membership in WT:

  • In case some members will merge into a group which encourages in disunity and a bad relationship of the whole team, they will be immediately dismissed.
  • If the trainee doesn’t show a respect to the teacher or captain
  • If the trainee doesn’t attend a training and does not inform the teacher or captain of this.
  • If the trainee omits more than 3 trainings in one year. Health issue is the only excuse for nonattendance at trainings.
  • If the trainee damages the reputation of the school between the fellow-gymnasts or outside the school or WT.
  • If the trainee doesn’t pass the mandatory exam
  • If the trainee doesn’t pay the membership fee

Head of the Slovak WUSHU Association
Wang Yingshen