VCBU tickets available

The tickets for The night of Chinese martial arts are now available at ticketportal.

25.07.2019 18:18:50

Dragon boats day 2019

7th June 2018 we did performance of dragon dance and dance of lion during celebration of a day of Dragon boats. See photos in gallery.

09.06.2019 13:46:23

Members exams 2019

18th May 2019, all members of wushu team and taiji team had to pass the annual exams. Everyone had to perform two forms in front of master Wang, the other members and public audience. The exam is mostly about verification of members’ skills and gaining experiences for next exhibitions and competitions.

19.05.2019 13:22:03

2% of taxes

Thank you for your 2% of taxes that helped develop young wushu talents in Slovakia and open the door to the World for this beautiful sport in Slovakia.

15.02.2019 21:02:24

Chinese new year in British International School

We celebrated today’s Chinese new year by performance in British International School in Bratislava – Dúbravka. The kids could see dragon dance and few forms of kung fu.

04.02.2019 14:28:40

Chinese new year in Bory Mall

During celebration of Chinese new year, we had a performance of dragon dance and lion dance, kung fu and taiji in Bratisalava Bory Mall. Slovak wushu association wish you all the best in the new year – year of pig.

Celebration of Spring Feast 2019

3th February 2019 in Bratislava Bory Mall, we will show our performance during event with name “2019 Celebration of Spring Feast Chinese New Year in Slovakia”.

19.01.2019 13:32:02

Summer kungfu camp 2019

Confucius Institute in Comenius University Bratislava along with School of Kungfu and Taiji organize Summer kungfu camp. Main goal is study of Chinese language and kungfu. If you’re interested, please contact us at or let us know directly on training until 10th March 2019.

Additional information are in following documents:

Seminar of Chinese Tea Culture and Chinese Calligraphy

Confucius Institute in Comenius University Bratislava along with School of Kungfu and Taiji organize Seminar of Chinese tea culture and Chinese calligraphy. Classes will be twice a month – Saturday afternoon. More info in attached document …

18.01.2019 13:09:59

Qin Zhen

8.12.2018 nás navštívil žiak spolužiaka nášho majstra – Qin Zhen. Je to študent na Pekingskej športovej univerzite a prišiel na výmenný študijný pobyt do Čiech. Pri tejto príležitosti nás navštívil, urobil malú ukážku a naučil nás jednoduché zostavy krátkej palice a opičej palice.


16.12.2018 12:02:30